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Tips to Keep Your Commercial Roof in Good Condition


Are you spending too much money fixing the roof of your business? The last thing you want to be budgeting for is the roof of your commercial property, but it does happen. With the hot, dry summers and the frozen Edmonton winters, your roof is the first line of defense and takes a beating because of it. But, there are things you can do to prolong your roof's lifespan. Today, we're going to give you some tips for keeping your commercial roof in great condition all year round. At Belvedere Roofing, we're your specialists for commercial roofing in Edmonton, so you can trust us to help you maintain and repair your roof.


Inspect Your Roof Regularly

One of the keys to a healthy roof is regular inspections and maintenance. This is especially important after bad weather, but getting up there and checking on things will help you spot any issues early on. With roofs, the longer you let issues linger, the worse (and more expensive) they'll be to try and fix.

Keeping an Eye On the Trees

Having tall trees on your property can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they're so helpful for shading the property and keeping your roof from getting too hot during those warm summer months. On the other hand, when storms or cold weather comes, your roof is vulnerable to falling branches, which can cause a lot of damage. The best thing to do is keep an eye on the trees. If you notice a lot of precarious limbs hanging over the roof, then call in an arborist to trim those branches. If the tree is generally healthy, however, it's unlikely that you'll see any branches coming off unless there's a really bad wind storm.

Cleaning Gutters and Debris

Keep your gutters and roof clear of debris. Specifically with the gutters, if they're full of leaves and twigs, water is going to accumulate and cause a lot of damage to your roof. If it gets underneath the structure of the roof, you could be dealing with leaks and mold before you know it.

Dealing With Winter Weather

Edmonton's winters are nothing to joke about and the accumulation of snow and ice on top of your roof can be really harmful to the structure. It's crucial that you have your roof inspected after each winter to assess any damage that might have occurred or any vulnerabilities that might have cropped up. At Belvedere Roofing, we offer a regular maintenance package for flat roofs that'll have your roof well-looked after all year round. It may include topping up gum boxes, cleaning drains and eavestroughs, cleaning up debris, and general roof inspection among other things.

Commercial Roofing In Edmonton

Visit our website to learn more about what we do and the importance of looking after your company's roof. Belvedere Roofing has been doing commercial roofing in Edmonton and Northern Alberta since 1976, so you can rest assured that we've got the skills and experience to keep the roof over your head. Contact us to discuss roof maintenance for your business.


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