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Seven Roof Maintenance Tips for Winter

It is essential to carry out roof maintenance during winters to protect your roof from water damage and icicles. Whether it’s your home or work site, improper roof maintenance increases the chances of people getting injured from a collapsing roof.

Belvedere Roofing provides commercial and residential roofing services in Edmonton and throughout Northern Alberta. We specialize in exterior services including eavestroughs, sidings and soffits. If you require a flat, durable roof for your commercial premises or shingles for your home, you can count on us. Let’s take a look at the roof maintenance tips that you should follow during winter.

  1. Keep your gutters clean - The gutters of your home help to drain out water from your roof when ice or snow melts. Water stagnation may occur if the gutters are clogged. This can cause leaks in your building and also damage your drainage system.

  2. Remove debris from your roof - Leaves and pine needles from tree branches over your roof might get collected in the overhangs and clog your gutters.

  3. Get rid of snow from your roof - A little snow accumulation on your roof is not a big issue. However, in case of heavy snowfall, the weight of the snow can cause structural damage to your roof. Also, precipitation can lead to the creation of ice dams. This can loosen the shingles of your roof, causing leakage.

  4. Improve attic ventilation - Snow can warp the shingles on your roof, allowing cold air to enter your home. Ventilation allows warm air to freely circulate in the top region of your structure and reduce the buildup of snow.

  5. Fix damaged shingles - Shingles help protect your home from elements such as ice and snow. Making sure they are in a good condition is crucial to increase your roof’s life. If there are loose or damaged shingles, ensure you replace them.

  6. Inspect the roof flashing - Roof flashing is an important component of your roof. It is constructed from either aluminum or galvanized metal and is strategically placed at the roof intersection. It is a protective mechanism that causes water to run off the roof slope. If the flashing is corroded or missing, it could result in water damage to your roof.

  7. Trim the trees - In addition to roof maintenance, it’s also important to trim or cut down the trees surrounding your home. Snowstorms and ice can result in the trees falling down and possibly harming your roof.

Let Us Help with Your Roof Maintenance

If you need roof maintenance or repairs in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, our technicians at Belvedere Roofing can help you. You can go through the testimonials of our clients to understand the quality of our work. We use only good quality roofing materials in all our projects.

Call us for roof maintenance services today.


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